Extra 330S ARF From Great Planes

The true giant-scale aerobatics!
It's one of the biggest ARF in Great Planes history, The Extra 330S ARF is one of the great model should you try. The Extra 330S is one of the famous on rc airplanes flying history. The Extra 330S ARF from Great PLanes is on of the good rc airplanes product that i have ever see. This is one of rc airplanes model that i recommend you to, but i think this is not for the beginner, because the Extra 330S ARF is a king of Giant-Scale Aerobatics, so if you are beginner, you should look how's it fly. But don't worry, if you are beginner, i suggest you to fly the electric Extra300 model.

Extra 330S ARF is :
* Replaces months of kit building and covering work with hours of easy assembly work!

* Factory-built from interlocking balsa/ply parts — and factory-covered in a one-of-a-kind MonoKote® trim scheme!(PDFHow to Tighten Covering on ARF Models)

* Equipped to "do it up right" from the start! Extras in the hardware package include an aluminum spinner, aluminum servo arms, carbon-fiber landing gear and more!

Stock Number: GPMA1290
Wingspan: 110.5 in (2805 mm)
Wing Area: 2279 in² (147 dm²)
Weight: 36-38 lb (16.3-17.2 kg)
Wing Loading: 36-38 oz/ft² (110-116 g/dm²)
Length: 103 in (2615 mm)
Requires: 120-150 cc, 2-cylinder gasoline engine, 6-channel mixing radio w/10 servos, servo synchronizer & propeller.

So you now know that why it's called a giant rc airplanes?
Extra 330S used Carbon-fiber landing gear handles landing stress with flex-resistant strength.
It's important to make your rc airplanes landing with smooth, especially while you fly in race, one of the score is get from how your rc airplanes landing, whether it's smooth or not.
One is your rc airplanes will landing, it's not enough speed to lift the rc airplanes, so the gravity take more from it, this mean that your rc airplanes will reach the ground, if you not to be carefull,
you rc airplanes could get a little crash while it's landing. To reduce the damage from your landing, it's important to less the landing stress especially while you are landing by use carbon-fiber landing gear that can handle the flex.

Don Anderson said that
"The 38% Extra 330S is our biggest and most impressive ARF to date, but assembles in less time than some ARFs half its size. Even so,
it's built so you can fly it all-out with confidence — and equipped to offer you value that's a match for its size."

View the video clip:
24.1MB, 9.7MB, 5.3M

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