Beginner RC Helicopter

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If you are beginner in RC HELICOPTERS, in this rc articles we will talk about some tips to flying rc helicopters. Flying rc airplanes or rc helicopters in their maiden flight is desirable by many beginner rc pilots. They want to feel can control the rc helicopters as well as the expert, just like flying from intermediate to advanced flying, and maybe doing some 3D flying. All They want to do in very easy way.

About RC Helicopter Pilot

How many month or how many years will you take when learning how to flying rc helicopters?...Many beginner rc pilots takes more time in mastering flying the rc helicopters. Take more time and be seriously so you will have more experiences in how to flying your rc helicopters. Have some training schedule is more better to try, make some steps. You should be trained by experienced rc helicopters pilots, that have a good flying attitude and flight time, this will make better your learning time. Your flying expert will told you how to operate your rc helicopters till how flying your rc helicopters, and some time the flying expert will told you how to flying your rc helicopters in more better ways so you will learn easier and more faster.

RC Helicopter Simulator

If you want to learn more faster, i think you must try to fly your rc helicopters with FMS. FMS stand for Flight Model Simulator. This flight simulator is a flight software. You will see a 3D flying field, just like the real condition. You can control the wind such as the wind speed or the wind direction. Even you can make some adjustment with your virtual rc helicopters. Flight simulator will help you to learn how to flying your rc helicopters more faster and easier. You still can fly rc helicopters when there are not good wheather in out there , such as wind blow hard,rain,etc.The good thing to flying rc helicopters by using flight model simulator is you can fly the same rc helicopters model again when it's get crash. You don't repaired it as it crash, you don't need a fuel, not need a battery,glow plug,etc. You just sit in front of your PC and connect your rc helicopters radio you your PC and you fly your rc helicopters at that time immediately.

Flying RC Helicopter

The basic flying lesson in feel of Helicopters. Whatever your rc helicopters model, such as using glow engine or electric rc helicopters. You must know some rc helicopters trimm, this is beacause your rc helicopters need properly trimmed and set up before doing anything. For this one you can ask your flying partner(your flying instructor) how to do this. After you done to trimm the rc helicopters, then you can start to turn the engine to feel the helicopter. You need a training gear that known as gyro. It's a simple part that installed beneath the rc helicopters. It's look like four small ball that cross connected each other. The gyro will help you for your maiden training. The goal of this lesson is learn what it "feels". You can start by bring up the throttle to the point where the helicopter is just about to lift off the ground but not quite taking to the
air yet. You can do this several time until you understand and have adequeate felt all of the control. Let's go to the flying field and try this lesson.Have a nice flying!

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