RC Helicopters Canopies

rc helicoptersRC Helicopters have protectors on the front of and it's called canopi. Each rc Helicopters must and should use canopi to protect some of the important part is in the rc Helicopters. The parts that are very important such as rc Helicopters Servo and receiver that has very important role in the world of rc and especially in rc Helicopters.
The canopi is shaped oval that cover the front of rc Helicopters. The rc helicopters canopi are usually made of fiberglass material, the material was selected because this was easy and because it's lightweight but strong enough.

What if rc Helicopters do not use canopi? of course you can imagine yourself the result, one of which is fatal damage to the receiver and Servo because of dust when rc Helicopters fly. If the dust is entering the Servo when rc Helicopters flying, the dust will then make the servo movement doesn't smooth, anda even come to a standstill so make the rc Helicopters can not be controlled and eventually crash!
To get your rc Helicopters canopi is easy. You can choose the canopi size with the appropriate size with your rc Helicopters , besides you can also choose the color and painting to decorate canopi that will be installed on your Helicopters. About the price, you can get the price of $ 12, certainly cheap enough for your rc Helicopters.

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