RC Helicopters - It's very funny RC Helicopters Crash

rc helicoptersI think many people who have ever fly RC, especially rc helicopters got crash. So , if you got crash with your rc helicopters, it's normal. The picture is about the rc helicopters, as you can see that the rc helicopters are still in the ground but you know why it is? by the way...i found this interesting video in youtube, maybe you had ever watched it before, but i will tell you if you hadn't ever watch it, here they are...

In the first time it's flight, it's looks well, but next the pilot roll back his rc helicopters and make an inverted, he done it many time...until he done it for the last.
He make roll back again and his rc helicopters crash and hit the ground(in the picture above), the propeller still rotary and just like dig the ground, it's make the rc helicopters move rotary above the ground, and after the rc helicopters stops(but the engine is still on), the pilot reach it and do something to make his rc helicopters engine stop. Here is what the last happens :
rc helicopters
If you want to watch the video, here they are :

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