Getting Started With RC Helicopters

With all the popularity surrounding RC helicopters these days you probably feel as though you need to get into this before you get left behind, and you'd be about right! RC helicopters are a fun and exciting hobby that combines your imagination and skills to provide an afternoon of flying fun for people of most ages. You may have many questions however, on just how to get started, and that's what we'll endeavor to answer here.

If you are brand new to the hobby of RC helicopters or aircraft, then you'd be well advised to start out with an electric model RC helicopter. They have many advantages, not the least of which is that the learning curve and maintenance issues are very easy with electric RC helicopters, as opposed to their gas counterparts. They are also very much less expensive than gas models, and with all the fuel and assorted accessories necessary to flight operations with a gas model, my conclusion is that for beginners, electric RC helicopters are the only way to go!

Learning how to fly your RC helicopter is the next big hurdle, and it can be overcome by scouring the instruction manual, and getting advice from other RC hobbyists. You'll find them everywhere you go to fly your bird! There are now coaxial electric RC helicopters that have twin rotor blades, which spin in opposite directions, thus eliminating the need for a tail rotor and making actually flying one of these birds a lot easier!

Many times electric RC helicopters come RTF (ready to fly) and this can get you started fast, getting you in the air quicker. After all, you want to pilot one of these, not be part of the ground crew forever! Take care to master the basics of flight first, and not attempt too many daring maneuvers until you get the hang of piloting of these small wonders. If you crash and burn too many times starting off, it may not only be an expensive start, but may also sour you on the whole thing.

Getting started with RC helicopters is very easy to do nowadays, as the electric models at least can be found in almost any toy store. Get yours today and start soaring!

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