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If you want to fly your rc helicopters, you need to know more about your rc helicopter. Your own rc helicopters. There are some terms in rc helicopters, there are FP and CP,
here are the definitions Fixed pitch (FP) helicopter blades have blades that remain at a fixed angle (you can not alter their pitch). To get lift on these helicopters you must increase the power to the main blades. They are simpler in design, they are easier to fix when damaged, they are easier to set up and they are cheaper.
Collective pitch (CP) helicopters control lift through the angle of the blades, they have 3 servos instead of 2 (like the fixed pitch models) allowing you to alter blade pitch. This result in a more agile machine but it also means they are harder to repair and are more suited to an experienced flyer.
So, when you will buy a rc helicopters, there some rc model use the terms, such as HoneyBee CP2, but i don't know what mean by 2 in CP2. In o ther side, if you buy rc helicopters, or rc airplanes you usually find the rc in ARF or RTF. ARF stand for Almost Ready to Flight, so your rc helicopters still need such as rc engine (electric too) and rc radio. RTF stand for Ready to Flight, if you buy this kind of rc package, you only need to assembly the rc and prepare for some equipments to fly you rc, but you must know that what is your rc need fuels or not, if not this mean that your rc is electric rc, but in RTF or ARF model rc that still need engine(especially glow engine), you still need nitro as your fuels.

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