Trex 500 Electric RC Helicopters

rc helicopter imagesThis is Trex 500 Electric rc helicopter. The trex 500 electric rc helicopter need about 4 hours time to assembly, This is good rc helicopter, but it not include electronics and radio settings. You don't need any more rc model planes plans to build it, because you can get some guides to assemble your Trex 500 rc helicopters. The Trex 500 is electric rc helicopters model, so you don't use a big rc engine in it.
I find the L bolt is very bad, so be carefull to use it, just don't push it to much. In My friend's rc helicopter, at leat there are 3 bolt that bad and very difficult to open it after you use it. About the servo, use JR 3401 because it is fix in the frame, so you don't need to modify the frame again. Just adjust the ESC settings in default, because i feel its enough.
I have some trick to modify your Trex 500, here they are :
  1. to make easy in your battery assembly and to protect the battery, you can place the Battery Tray down about 1 cm, and add thin foam inside your rc helicopters canopy
  2. To make more strong the "swashplate" especially if your rc helicopters got crash, just add adequate CA glue in your RC Helicopters "swashplate" ( be carefull about the bearings, don't put your glue here)

The Maiden Flight
It's good for doing flip and roll with setting your pitch 12. The power is good and maybe like Trex 600 electric rc helicopters, i think it's because there are about 20 to 30 kv in the electric motor used in Trex 500 and Trex 600 . The flight done about 5 minutes, but you can use another battery to more long your flight, such as use FP 3200 or 3300, so you can fly about 6 to 7 minutes

Trex 500 are more stable in flight that Trex 450, and the power performance is more than Trex 600 electric rc helicopters. So i think, prefer to fly Trex 500 electric rc helicopters than Trex 600 electric rc helicopters.

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I love to fly T-rex 500 rc helicopter too.

October 7, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

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