RC Airplanes Basic Parts

When we fly our rc airplane model, we will use some kind of things, there are=

We will use the radio, receiver, servo, and battery. The radio is the peripheral that we hold on, we can move some control surface there, and that cause the airplane model move too. This is work as transmitter that transmit some digital code to the receiver.The control surface in the radio are commonly use some sticks, and known as stick control or some aeromodeller called it stick. And commonly there are two stick in the radio surface that can move porward and back and even center, this mean that the absolute position os the stick is in the center of the control moving, so if we move the stick forward and then we release it , the stick will place in the center position. next is receiver, the receiver work based from the receiving digital pulse from the transmitter. So the only thing doing by the receivers is to receive the digital pulse from the transmitter. Next is servo, there are commonly some servos in the aircraft model. the servos function are to produce mechanical movement to mone the aircraft model control surface, this mean that if we want to control the glow engine speed we can use a servo to control it. The servo movement are only rotary, this mean that usually the srvo move only a quater and back in the opposite direction, cause the servo's rotary is only a few RPM, so it's move slowly. And the last is the battery, it's function is to suppotr or to serve some electric powers to the receivers to work.


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