The Championship

The RC Aeromodelling Championships

All yhe spectators come to the champion field to watch the "Bantul Aeromodelling Festival". This is rc model champs. The even held in 2007 in the Bantul Aero field.

We will doing some great job here,in free flight championship. There are very wonderful day in 2007.Bantul aero Field is our place to practice every day,we always flying in that place even till night.But in those day we must compete with other aeromodeller in free flight class.But we don't be affraid about that, because we had been practiced hard in free flight class. We are more master than other aeromodeller in flying field, so we hope can be the winner, cause we must know more to make our model flying max,that is what we want,isn't it?

In that day we from Bantul Aero Club are be the official of the match, but we are join too in the flight, cause some of us are be the judge and the other are be the participant(i mean we are participate in that match).In "Bantul Aeromodelling Festival" ,there are some classes to be match,there are OHLG and control line rat race.

It's all make us more convident in the aeromodelling world, we proud about the held of "Bantul Aeromodelling Festival",cause it make more forward in Indonesian Aeromodelling.Wee can show you that we are can be the hard competitor for you,maybe in the world match(we hope).
Oh yeah...i will told you about the people, first about the participant,the participant come from whole aeromodelling club,especially from DIY (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta),there are from Jateng club,even from Surabaya club. So in the day we see much people who bring some model airplane. Yeah..those day are the great day for us, and we very like it, we hope that we can doing this again.

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