Flying Model Planes In The Air

One day i want to make a new airplane rc model. I was very exited with model from the great magazine. I't look like mustang, do you know, mustang is airplane that had to used by US army.
Oh you must know that in aeromodelling we always make a scale model airplane.For a few day had pass i at the last make it true the model. I'ts very pretty one. It's Mustang rc airplanes,But if you want to know what look like mustang model is? you can download from my othe blog here
You can search and surving in that blog to know the located is. But if i don't false it is at the Links sidebar menu in the right (just search at that place)
You know ,that mustang has been used in world war, in indonesia it well known as "cocor merah". the model is very cool.If you download the video from that links you will see how good mustang is! I thing it is not too difficult to make the mustang model airplanes. You may be know that mustang is name of horse too, isn't it? .Mustang planes that i want to make is mustang model plane, that is very small in size if we compare with the mustang army planes. I will make it for scale rc model from the mall ( mall is contain the drawing of the model air plane).
In the nose, mustang have some specialize, that is have some teeth like the shark and it have some part under the body like jet planes. We very love with mustang model because it body(fuselage) is good and it's painting was very great (very man!!) if it fly ,it will charge in the air.

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