Jet Engines Rc Planes

Jet Engine used in rc planes now and called jet engines rc planes. The jet engine rc planes look like the real jet engine on jet aircraft. This engine type known as model jet engine-gas turbine too. There are some rc jet engine type now, but all all of that work on the same principle.

How Rc Jet Engine Works?

The popular rc jet engine type is centrifugal flow turbine. In a centrifugal flow unit, air entering the turbine is thrown outwards as it passes over the spinning impeller. The air hits against the inside of the can and so is compressed greatly before passing into the combustion chamber. This intense compression increases the pressure and hence temperature of the air, making it more effective when it mixes with the fuel.

The fuel called kerosene is introduced into the combustion chamber as a very fine mist, and so mixes easily with the now highly compressed air. This fuel/air mixture is then ignited by a small glow plug, much the same as the one found on a 2 or 4 stroke model airplane engine.

As the fuel/air mixture ignites and explodes within the chamber, the coned shape of the chamber forces it rearwards towards the turbines. The turbines accelerate the velocity of the passing gases and increase the pressure of them too. The gases (exhaust) finally get squeezed through the narrowing jet pipe at the very rear of the engine, exiting at great speed and pressure, thus generating the high levels of thrust.
The turbines are connected to the front impeller by way of a main shaft, so that they power the impeller as they spin. More about rc jet engine.

RC Jet Engine Modification

Why i call this as rc jet engine modification is because this engine not like another rc jet engine. This engine called Ducted fan. The ducted fan use blade too like rc helicopters blade but it use a multi-bladed propeller(called impeller) that spinning in very high Rotary Per Minutes(RPM). Because the impeller spins so fast, and all the air taken in by the impeller is forced through the small funnel-shaped unit, ducted fans generate a lot of thrust for their size, hence the faster flying speed of the model.

The ducted fan commonly used on rc planes only(because i never see rc helicopter use it!). There are two ducted fan engine: Electric Ducted Fan and Ducted Fan Engine, the only different is the motor unit(electric and nitro engine).

Ducted Fan Nitro Engine

nitro ducted fan OS 91VR-DF SH imageThe example of ducted fan engine is OS 91VR-DF Small Head.

Electric Ducted Fan

electric ducted fan imageOne of electric ducted fan jet engine is RP550 EDF + 4300KV Motor Combo

Homemade Jet engines

What do you think about how to build your own jet engine?..just take a look at these homemade rc jet engine video:

You can see many rc jet airplanes model flying in some rc club event. They always doing attractive rc flying, so this event is interesting to watch. Flying rc gas turbine jets with RC Jet Engine(of course) is ultimate radio controlled flying.

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