How to start JBA .61 2 Stroke Nitro Engine for the first time and Break In

JBA Engine are produced by Xiangtan Jiangnan Model Engine Co.Ltd. This is a kind of rc airplanes engine and meet International performance standards. JBA Engine is a cool Engine. Some of my friend told me that the JBA engine is more difficult to start and break in, so i think you must read the rest of this article for your reference.

1. Prime the engine properly,don't put the glow plug yet Blocking the carb and rotating
prop will flow the nitro into block
2. Put your OS Glow Plug now. Don't use too much force.Should be tight enough to keep the glow there
with engine running pressure.
3. You can add the spinner, will use starter motor to prime the engine a bit more so engine block and piston
will have enough fuel to get the first blast.
4. Set the needle valve and opened 2 circles(360 degrees) from full close position ,then insert glow igniter and start the engine again with motor starter
5. You will hear the very first sweet song of this powerful JBA .61 2 stroke rc engine. Do you know that at the very first time, the JBA engine is still need more adjustment
in order to it can have a good roar.
6. Don't rev too much right after the very first start. Let it run for half tank fuel before you hear the actual roar.
7. It's difficult to control yourself your hand goes to radio to push the throttle and listen to sweet high RPM roar, but control. I think maybe this one is what my friend talking about above.
8. After half tank, you can increase the throttle a bit and leave it singing. When it's going to be more then half tank, you can listen to the sweet roar of JBA .61 Nitro Engine
9. When you running for more then half tank, is just a bit more then warm. Best temp control. You can touch the engine head and what will you get is low engine temp, so this mean better performance.

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