3D RC Helicopters Flying

rc helicoptersOne Of the basic 3D flying in rc helicopters is High Flips, If you done this maneuver, the look of your rc helicopters is inverted, maintain that you are inverted in the same place or in other word keep that you can continuous flips in one spot. First you can flips from forward loops and then make an inverted, then you can do sideways flips
Another 3D rc helicopters flying is Auto-Pushover.
rc helicopters maneuver You can do this maneuver from Start out in an inverted auto and then pushover to a tail first landing. The key to this trick is getting the right amount of forward speed while inverted. Start out high to get the Fwd speed and timing correct. Then how low will you go ??!!??
The another 3D flying maneuver are :
  1. Auto - Tumbling S
  2. Chaos 1
  3. Chaos 2
  4. Death Spiral
  5. Death Spiral - Stationary
  6. Detonator
  7. Funnel
  8. Hurricane
  9. Hurricane - Flipping
  10. Metronome
  11. Pie Dish
  12. Pirouetting 4 Leaf Clover
  13. Pirouetting Globe
  14. Pirouetting Loop
  15. Pirouetting Outside Loop
  16. Pirouetting Vertical 8
  17. Pitch Pumping
  18. Rainbow
  19. Ripper
  20. Slapper
  21. Snake
  22. Sudden Stop
  23. Tail Slide
  24. Tic-Toc
  25. Tornado
  26. Touch N Goes
  27. Wall of Death
  28. Waltzer
One thing to remember is make sure you practice until you are confident in a step before you move on to the next step. For complete 3D maneuvers you can visite this site

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