RC Helicopters Blade

carbon rotor blade for electric rc helicoptersOne part in rc Helicopters is blades. Blades are things that revolve above rc Helicopters that can make rc Helicopters fly. it's Shaped like a knife stretching. It basically works like a propeller blades rc on fixed wings.
The blades that are the soul of rc Helicopters because without the blades rc Helicopters can not fly. Blades are usually made of fiberglass materials and are also of wood. About the strength of the blades made of fiberglass better than that with this material is also light.
If you want to buy rc Helicopters blades, then you need to pay attention to some issues, such as the size and type of motor you use (glow engine or electric) and the purpose of use. If you have TREX 450 rc helicopter types, use 325 Carbon Rotor Blade is perfect (you can buy it in, but if you have any type of rc Helicopters such as Raptor G2 or Walkera 36, use 288 Carbon Fiber 3D Main Blade is suitable and 700mm Carbon Fiber Main Blades is suitable for Thunder Tiger's Raptor 90 size Nitro RC Helicopters. If you have any electric rc Helicopters, the type of G600 Carbon Fiber Main Blades is suitable for TREX 600.
Besides the Main Blades, there are also Tail Blade. Tail Blade is used in your Tail of rc Helicopters. The Function of the tail blades is to maintain the rc helicopters stability in longitudinal axis. The Tail Blade is shorter than the main blade. The size of the tail blade is specified by the type of rc Helicopters you use.

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