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free rc airplanes plans images This article is about rc airplane plans and some people said it rc planes plans too. It's free rc planes plans. The rc planes plans name is Lanzo Bomber

You can download the above rc planes plans(available as a 5.7MB downloadable PDF file or a ZIP file of tiled PDFs to print the full size plan on 12 letter size sheets)
Another in Leon Shulman's series of foam old timers, Chester Lanzo's Lanzo Bomber is one of the most popular and successful old timers out there. Download the first PDF file below and take it to your local Kinko's or other print shop with an oversize printer, or download the set of files needed to print the plan on 12 letter size sheets. For reference, the wing should be 22 inches from the centerline to the right tip.

Click here to Download this free PDF rc airplane plans
Hope you enjoy with rc planes plans above. If you have been download it, please share your experience with those rc planes planes, thank you.

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Thanks for this, everyone always like a bit of cheap fun. Can't wait to print it up!

April 7, 2009 at 3:23 PM  

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