What's wrong with your RC Helicopters belt-cp screws

rc helicopters screwIf you have any problem with your tail belt bearing in your rc helicopters, especially with the screw, such as broken screw and you can't out of the shaft. This problem will be very bad and even make you mad. Just don't worry be happy, because if there are any problem, there any way out. In this case that the screw is must be out from the shaft. Some possible answer is
Here are some seperate steps. First it will have a cone shaped drill you drill in to the broken shaft. (just takes a little bit) Then you will switch bits and it will have a 'grabber' bit that fits the cone shaped you just drilled. It will grab it and pull it out.
That steps shouls resolve the problem, because after the drill do this jobs so it's make easier to grab our the screw. You must be carful to doing this, because if you don't be carefull, the screw can be more deep and the shaft will be more difficult to grob it out.

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