Building RC Jet Engine

How To Build RC Jet Engine

It's possible to build your own rc jet engine? As we know that rc jet engine price is expensive to buy. Hen it goes expensive..i think we must consider to this before we buy it. If you have more money you can buy rc jet engine for your rc model planes. But how if we don't have a lot of money to buy this engine?..furher more we will try to discuss in the next paragraph.

One of the main issue about how we can make rc jet engine is the shape of the turbine wheel itself and the metal that it is made of. It needs to be the right shape to work efficiently and the material needs to absorb the intense heat involved. The early jet pioneers was faced the same problems, they simply couldn't be supplied with the correct alloys that they needed to ensure the reliability of the early jet engines. Further more about rc jet engine.

How To Build RC Jet Engine Video

I think that is great rc jet engine video. That look like real jet engine!

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