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I’m sure that all of you ever heard or ever know a little bit about aeromodelling. If you don’t, you must read my previous article about “introducing with aeromodelling”. You can search this article in this blog or you can search fast with my search fascility that I dedicate to all my reader.
If you have read that, you can follow the next step, that will I tell to you in this article. In general in aeromodeling we can say that aeromodelling is a kind of activity, designing, build, and flying tha model aircraft. Beside that you must know some thing else next, that is knowing about tha material, utility, science, and your ability. So you must know about the material will you use, the utility will you use and the science that related with it, and that is the aerodinamics teori, aircraft model construction, the wheather, the model engine, and electronics. In the ability ,it’s include, ability to make creation, to drawing, how to make, how to flying and how to repair if happen crash.
Then the utility that will you use is, a kitchen paring knife, pen knives, hammer, a small speed drill, ruler, round nose pliers, small nose pliers, diagonals , end wrench, sand paper block, coping saw, tweezes, screwdriver, electric soldering iron, vise, and many more. Actually you can use anything that can help you to make your model airplane, and the utility will you use is maybe not only what I was tell to you but it will be more complecs as the progress of the technology. For instance if you want to build a rc models with hi-tech construction, so you will need more utility to support and make easy your building, if you only use utility that not actually good to make some part, so you only get non-hi-tech construction of course.
But why we must use the hi-tech construction technology? I can say that you will get a good construction and more great to use your model airplane later. For instance if you build glider rc model, model one is the wing spar made from wood and model two the spat made from carbon. Then you fly if by lauch it using winch, I can say that there are possibility that the model one (use wood spar) the wing can be crash, because winch is run in hi speed, so the wing of model one can’t doing to make strong the wing, so it will crash in other word the wood spar is not strong enough to support the wing. The carbon spar is more strong than wood spar, because it is a kind of hi-tech material.
Now you had know about more in aeromodelling activity, in aeromodelling there are some class :

1.F1A ( Glider A2 )
2.F1H ( Glider A1 )
3.F1B ( Model rubber power )
4.F1C ( Model glowplug engine )
5.F1D ( Indoor model )
6.F1E ( Automatics control glider )
7.F1F ( Helicopter )
8.F1G ( Coup d’hiver )

All F1 class are free flight model

1.F2A ( Speed model )
2.F2B ( Aerobatic model )
3.F2C ( Team Race model )
4.F2D ( Combat model )

All F2 class are control line model

1.F3A ( RC Airplane Aerobatic )
2.F3B ( RC slope soaring )
3.F3C ( RC Helicopters )
4.F3D ( Pilon Racing )

All F3 class are radio control or rc model

1.F4A ( Free flight flying scale )
2.F4B ( Control line flying model )
3.F4D ( RC flying scale )

All F4 class are scale model

1.OHLG ( Outdoor hand Launch Glider )
2.Solid model

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