F1A Glider Tips

F1A glider or A2 glider is a kind of aircraft plane model,that we can fly it by using a rope.We usually use special rope to pull the glider in order to fly it in the air. The special glider rope ,always use in 15 to 25 meters. In FAI sporting code,in glider A2 champinship, have international code,it is F1A., and it had been categorized in free flight.
In the ancien time, A2 glider one of the good class. The scout have a part too in glider world,they some time build with relatively short wing. But now people like to build more stronger model, in order to can get more powerful glider model, so they can use it in the locak champ or in the world champ. Of course now we know about composite structure. As we know that composite material is very strong enough to make our model glider plane be more stiff and more powerful to use. For example we can do a strong zooming to make our glide model plane get more high ,so of course it can get us more duration time. Yes your are right,that now A2 glider model are build from carbon structure, composite,and titanium material to get light model but still strong.

High Performace Model
To train in high grade, we must consider to our glider model, we must get a good to the aerodynamics and construction design. To get a good flying model, we must know that aerodynamics aspect are have a big position too,how we can reach a high performance without have a good aerodynamics model.
So if we use non high performance model but we want to reach high duration time,it's can't because in fact for only in aerodynamics consideration we got less performance, hey.. we are flying free flight model.. Guy, we can't control it when it fly aay in the air.
For example, if we want to make a high performance glider, we at lest have some thing =
  • At least have 29 dm square for the wing
  • The span near 210 cm
  • AR(Aspect Ratio) >= 15
  • weight ! > 430 gr
With the wing span near 210 cm and have high AR and the weight not more than 430 gr, we can say that the model will fly in low wing loading, so it will have a good lift, so the model will become get a good duration.

Towing practice
Towing is the most important thing too in order to make our model glider plane fly in a good dutarion. Because our glider is flying by towing at first to take it in a good position to release and then fly away in the air. There are some trick to tow our glider model, in order to make a good towing, But why must get a good towing? the answer is because with a good towing our glider can reach a good high and then it can release to get it flying.
Some the trick are doing zooming at the end of your tow. The zooming is a kind of way to make our glider fly more high, the mechanism is it begin with a good stiff in the rope then you just pull in a strong way, then the glider model will release in high speed release, so it can reach more high than you release without zooming. release without zooming is mean that you just release the glider model without doing some strong pull at the end of your tow.

For the end of this all, i want to say that always practice with your partner. With partner, you can be get some thing more in your practice, He can give you some thing from what you just doing with your glider model plane, or just tell some thing about your way to doing zooming. Thank's

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