Flight Model Simulator

Flight Model Simulator

Ever you know about flight model simulator ( FMS )?. Flight model simulator is one of the important tool in the world aeromodelling. Flight model simulator is a kind of software that specialize in use by aeromodeller. It's look like all software, such as aircraft combat game, that you can get in all Game rental station. But this one you can't, why ? because this kind software is special. You can't get it anywhere, you only get it on hobby shop ( aeromodelling ).
By using flight model simulator you can learn how to fly rc model aircraft like in the real world. In FMS you will flying a lot model rc aircraft in virtual condition, so you can try to fly your model maybe in rainy or in beach. Because you use virtual model, you don't be worry to doing some crash. You can load another model planes(rc airplanes or rc helicopter) again if you doing that. Even use the same model again, Don't worry men .. all is unrealtics.

Flying your model planes in unrelistics condition, not mean that you can't fly like the real condition. you can setting the wheather condition or the thermal like you want in FMS /rc simulator. So if you want to practice flying in windy, you just set the wind to full, or you want to fly in great thermal, just full the updraft and the bubble. It's easy to use, isn't is?

For the beginner, flight model simulator is very important thing to use. The beginner always get some crash in their first flight, and have a long time to get their solo flight. By using FMS / rc simulator you will be get more easy way to doing your first flight practice without go out field. The beginner in first flight can practice to doing ground practice, like running, doing turn etc. even if you are mastered in it, you can fly 3D maneuvers such for 3D rc helicopter flying, loop, inverted etc.

The are some rc simulator product such as G4 RC Simulator.

You need some equipment to practice with FMS / rc simulator, You must have PC ( personal computer ) , sound, and transmitter interface, but you can use keyboard too. It's is easy way too to integrate that interface to your pc ( see the manual ). You can get flight model simulator by purchase it or get it freeware. Don't worry, cause Some FMS download from internet. The rc simulator can enhance your flying performance. And let's flying in the real world and using FMS to more mastering.

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