One Day in Our Practice Field

ohlg rc model imageThis is my story from our flying field in Bantul Aeromodelling Club.We always regulary doing some practice. Especially in weekend with some my great rc model.

The regulary practice is needed for who want to reach the higest performance from what they want.This is some of our remind to make us more good in doing some practice. We some time practice in the hot day or some time in the windy day, our field is large enough to flying some free flight models.

some day i and my other friend (they are aeromodeller too) doing our regulary activities,thay are practice flying. In that day we practice our OHLG model. OHLG is Outdoor Hand Launch Glider, that are one of the free flight model,that we must throw the model into the air in order to make it flying height.

you can see the picture, that we all bring our self model and get some photo there.our OHLG model look like so pretty,there.And you can see our flying field.That day we practice in sunny day,so wee look like more dark (in the picture),from the left,wahyu,usman,andrie,and trisno. We doing practice in whole day,but we get some rest in some time to get relax,we must practice more hard to face the next free flight championship.



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