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This article is about Brushless rc motor. The bruchless rc motor is one of the newest technology in electric rc , especially in electric rc airplanes and electric rc helicopter. Actually the brushless rc motor technology is used for long time ago in rc planes and specially in electric rc airplanes and electric rc helicopter. It's good to used brushless rc motor in electric rc airplanes and electric rc helicopter. And i think that there are no newest technology coming after the brushless technology. The brushless technology is very well-known in the world of electric rc airplanes. Many electric rc airplanes pilot prefer to use this motor. There are many options have been choose by the electric rc airplanes pilot to used this kind of motor and let me tell you why they done this.
In the ancient time, most rc airplanes flyer that fly electric rc airplanes are used brushed motor. As i know that the brushed motor is the first technology used in electric rc airplanes many long time ago, and maybe there are a few rc airplanes pilot still used this. May electric rc airplanes pilot called traditional electric motors for brushed motor. It's called brushed motor because there are material called brushes which contact the spinning commutator in the motor. Sometimes there are some wear and reduces power because the friction, so this is the answer why the brushed motor eventually require brush replacement regulary.

The brushless rc motor come to overcome this problem. In the brushless rc motor, the current passing arround the outside of the motor's can causes magnets shaft to follow in a circle, so the brushless motor don't have a brushes which contact the spinning commutator. This is why the brushless motor are not requiring brush replacement regulary. This mean that the brushless rc motor are more efficient and much more powerful than the brushed rc motor.

Do you know that the brushless rc motor are more expensive too? There are some advantages by using brushless rc motor to power your electric rc airplanes. As an electric motor, it's quieter(because there are no explotion from the fuel combustion), cleaner(there are no fuel exhaust residue),simple to use(just connect the motor to the battery through Electric Speed Controller),cheaper(because there are no glow plug replacement regulary, don't need a fuel. just need a batteries and the charger).

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