Beginner Become An Intermediate RC AIRPLANES Flyer The Easy Way !

Many people that flying rc model airplanes wants to be a good flyer in Intermediate flying. It's very important to know about how you can achieve that. As the beginner that like to flying rc airplanes, they must know how to fly in more better. There are three steps in RC airplanes flying maneuvers, there are basic flying,intermediate flying and advanced flying. But beside that there are 3D flying. But the intermediate flying is often in the rc championship. I think the 3D is where many people want to get more fun in rc airplanes flying.

Back to the topic, that if you are a beginner and want to enhance your capability
to achieve more high level flying of rc airplanes, it's good to learn about intermediate flying. My advice is that before you enter the intermediate flying, it's very-very important that you are a good flyer in the basic maneuvers. That is one of the thing to consider. After you overcome this case, so you are welcome in intermediate flying. But why...the simply explanation about this is because in the intermediate flying, you must fly your rc airplanes in more difficult maneuvers, or in other word is you need more ability to control your rc airplanes. This all is just because you need to enhance your skills.

The next thing to know is about the rc model to choose. I suggest that you fly with electris rc airplanes model. One of the rc model is "The Wing Dragon Sportster 4 Channel". Have you ever fly The Wing Dragon model before?
As i know that the wing dragon model is very good model for a beginner as rc airplanes model trainer. There are some models in wing dragon electric rc airplanes, there are basic model (with 3 channel) and the sporter(with 4 channel). If you are a beginner so you must fly with the basic model, and if you an expert so you must use the sporter. Many rc flyer ever fly the wing dragon model and many rc airplanes pilot expert suggest this.If we look into the fuselage, it's made from plastic(made from advanced plastic not cheap polystyrene) and a fibre stick.
The fuselage is strong enough but light. So don't worry if you crash your rc. About the rc radio, the stick can control of ailerons, rudder, elevator and even proportional throttle control with servo included, all from the included 4 channel F.M. 2 stick radio with a super long 1500 foot range . The aerobatic capability like Inverted flight, rolls, loops, are all a piece of cake

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