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FMS Model Planes

It's about fms model planes adds-on. Do you want fly another FMS airplanes model?....
or maybe you have mastered in some of the FMS airplanes default model?...
FMS is flight model simulator or fms model simulator that contain many rc airplanes and rc helicopters models. You can choose one of them and then fly it.

FMS Model Downloads

FMS airplanes is easy to use and installing fms is very simple.There are some default rc models in your FMS once you have installed it. But now you can adds your FMS models in simply way. First you need to visite this site : rc simulator free downloads, where you can get the fms model adds-on.

fms model planes imageThere you should see some FMS model planes. You can simply download the FMS models appear by Right-click on your mouse then save target as . Example, i download the Wing Dragon Sporter planes. In the real world you can buy rc airplanes like WD and then you can improve wing dragon power to maximize it's flying ability.

After you download fms airplane, then you can extract the zip file downloaded inrc planes simulator image your PC. After that, copy all the extracted file in C:Program File/FMS/Model (this is the directory where you install your FMS)...That's done!

Now you can open your FMS software and pick a new model. There are should WD Sporter model add in. Happy flying your FMS Models!

* i found new FMS Model Planes add ons. Ther are are some fms model you can use, such as gyro planes, F3C planes, F3A planes and many more fms model planes. If you want more, you can visite this fms model links. Happy flying model simulator fms!

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