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Of course the readers with the class RC is no stranger to the aircraft model with the type of ARF Airplane rc electric airplane model or with the electric power or electric motor. Electric rc airplanes model of mini is highly recommended by many of the senior class rc. The senior has an advanced electric rc airplanes so that they have entered the class rc rc airplane engine or plant that both fixed wing and rotary wing or regular helicoptes called rc.

but the flight rc overall and in general, is generally recommended to use the flying dragon wing first before going to class rc glow. In fact the suggestion is indeed well-founded, because the addition has been proved that the classes start with the first rc flying the plane, electric rc wing dragon, dragon wing aircraft that is similar to the Cessna trainer aircraft. And also many of those who have been trying to feel that flying dragon with a wing more comfortable and ultimately makes us quickly adapt to this class rc. Is even more important is that we can train our instinc in the control plane, rc model class. Also supported with the power of trust that uses its electric motor type of motor, of course we do not make money too little to purchase fuel (with a glow engine) that is the price that quite expensive, and of course it is very suitable for those with minimal funds, but in the case want to go to class rc. Indeed can not be denied that the practice of flying electric rc is quite economical, as we only need to charge your battery when it started out, and it is always solved by bringing the charger to the field, so when the battery charge runs out live again, so that allows us to may fly over, so that continuity in our practice fly insting always awake better.
Review of the specification as follows:
Wingspan 42 ", 34-1/2" long, 367 sq. in. wing area, flying weight about 18 oz. Airplane is made of tough plastic and Foam, with electric motor of about Speed 400 size. Everything you need to fly is included: Airplane, transmitter (needs 8 AA batteries), receiver, 2 servos, motor controller, 7 cell Nimh 1000 mAh rechargeable flight battery, and charger.
From several specifications above, we can certainly know that with the specification is specific to the electric rc beginner class, which supports some of the things that the body is made of thick plastic that is quite sizeable, but strong and lightweight support for the beginner flyer who is often fall, uses only 2 Elevator Servo to control the rudder, and in addition of course to control the electric speed.
Well, now your turn to make the decision, our suggestion is you keep the advice of your senior, and if you need some more reviews about dragon wing click the link below

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