Inverted RC Helicopter Flying

Inverted RC Helicopter Flying ImagesThis is a cool rc helicopter maneuvers called inverted flying. As the name that the rc helicopter is upside down and it keep hover. I like to watch when advanced rc helicopter flyer ften do it and not just one, they do it many times and they done it all without charing the rc helicopter.

How actualy the rc helicopter can upside down flying?
The simple asnwer is that the rotor blade are producing the thrust in the opposite direction. When the rc helicopter is hover, the blade is producing thrust, when it become upside down flying the blade is still producing the thrush but in the opposite direction
when it was hover.

Why the blade is posible to pushing the air in the opposite direction?
This is because our rc helicopter transmitter equipped with collective pitch. A transmitter with collective pitch is not cheap too. The collective pitch can control the blade that it can redirecting the airflow.

Now you know why rc helicopter can upside down flying / inverted. This is advanced rc helicopter flying technique. Need more flight time to learn how to inverted flying. Just keep in mind that if you will inverted your rc helicopter, it must be reversed control stick.

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