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Wanto to buy syma helicopter? Maybe syma s008 is best for you. This is syma s008 review. You can know more about syma s008 here. We collect some cool informations such as review and other details of this syma rc helicopter. Note that this model has a feature to automatically stabilize the system, because this makes it easy to fly. The main functions of a mini helicopter Syma S008 include: movement - up, down, left and turn right, forward and backward. Don't be boring by watching syma s008 video here.

If more to say about the system, then it is 3-channel, carried out by an infrared transmitter. It is possible to manage three helicopters at the same time. Experts note that the radius of the transmitter is approximately 8-10 meters. Charging the battery comes from the remote control mini helicopter, as the following charging models Syma S008 allows to charge the battery for 20 -30 minutes. Each avialyubitel note that this is a very convenient and effective.

Syma S008 Specs
size : 195x45x95mm,or 7.68x1.78x3.74in
batteries : Li-poly 3.7V 130mAh
Main rotor : 173mm, or 6.81in
Gross weight : 454g,or 16.01oz

Best new 3 channel review Syma S008

Syma S008 Review

This is a review of the new Syma S008 3 channel helicopter.
It sells for around 35 dollars, and I think it is a great deal.

It is a well built 3 channel helicopter, and I love how realistic the canopy looks, it is very nicely screwed on to the body, and the see through cockpit window on the front comes off very easily so you can gain access to the battery very quickly.

This helicopter is a good candidate for modifications, a plantraco bahama battery would work really nicely in this helicopter.

It has an all plastic canopy with a very nice realistic scale look, the canopy is held together with small screws and its easy to remove.

The rotors are made of very strong and thick plastic, and they aren't very likely to strike each other during a wreck, so you shouldn't have any broken blades from blade strikes.

The rotor shafts are very sturdy, there is a hollow outer shaft with an inner shaft, and all of the pieces like the rotor head and flybar are screwed on so they are easy to remove and repair.

It recharges through the transmitter in about 25 minutes and it flies for a good 8 minutes, and it has a lot of power, it has a lot more power then any other 3 channel helicopter I have ever seen, it is also very stable

It flies like a dream, just a little less then half throttle and it will be hovering hands free.
When transitioning to forward flight it is very smooth, the tail fan has 3 different speeds, so you can slowly hover around, or you can quickly dart off in any direction. It flies in reverse very nicely as well.

Like all rc helicopters it does take some skill to fly, but it is easy to master. I love flying this helicopter around, Ive flown it 3 or 4 times a day ever since I got it. I do suggest using rechargeable batteries in the transmitter; I wore out a set of batteries in less then a week.

The throttle is on the left stick and the yaw (spin) and pitch (forward and reverse) are on the right stick, it has trim buttons on the top of the transmitter, and they work very well.
The charging plug comes out of a little compartment in the side of the transmitter, and it
takes 6 AA batteries. The transmitter is very sturdy and it is very well designed, from the
sticks to the battery compartment.
This helicopter is a must have for your collection.

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