The Mini G200 Micro RC Helicopter

Mini G200 Micro RC HelicopterThis is Mini G200 Micro RC Helicopter. If you looking for durabel micro rc heli, you can consider to buy this mini g200 micro rc helicopter. This micro rc helicopter is very cool looking, maybe you have the same oppinion with me abut the heli.

The Mini g200 is one of the top micro rc’s because of its versatility and durability. Whether you’re just starting out or a pro, it is able to take abuse if it needs to but is also very fun to fly. If you’re looking to purchase a new rc helicopter, but don’t want to start investing the big bucks quite yet, the Mini G200 offers a good medium between a starters model and one designed for the more advanced user.

The Mini G200 Micro RC helicopter is designed to be compact, stable, and agile, making it very capable for doing aerial maneuvers indoors or out. The belt driven tail rotor on the Mini G200 makes it very agile and able to stay controllable even if flown upside down, and although it is very small and light, the CP control inputs make it easy to handle even if it is a little windy.

Another noticeable aspect of the Mini G200 RC Helicopter is how small it is. 433mm from long and 150mm high, and a total flying weight of only 280g, make it very maneuverable and less prone to damage and breakages if it were to sustain a small crash. It’s great for beginners who may see a few crashes before they get the hang of it, or for experts who are looking for something a bit more maneuverable.

The Mini G200 is more maneuverable than other models in its price range, which make it great for someone looking for a small, agile RC helicopter to have around.

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