Recommended RC Helicopter For Beginner

If you are an absolute beginners, want to get any recommendation on best rc helicopter to started in this hobby? In this article we will try to give you some recommendation best beginner rc heli for absolute beginner.

There are alot of rc helicopter model for beginner on the market, here where you can check for it:
  • BananaHobby
But why you should confuse with the wide range of choice in rc helicopter model for beginner? just stick with some of this things:
  • parts availability
  • the price
  • easy to maintenance and simple in control ( fixed pitch/collective pitch,channel use,electric/nitro,etc)
Its all is just up to you, such as about the fixed pitch heli vs collective pitch heli, overall the fixed pitch rc helicopter is more easy to fly than the collective pitch heli, about the price, the collective pitch is more expensive than the fixed pitch. More about fixed pitch and collective pitch rc helicopter. If you prefer to the price, this best rc helicopter price article is recommended to read.



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