Suggestion for new term

Aeromodelling term, we can say that aeromodelling is not an abbreviations. In many countrys aeromodelling have it's terms, i meant that fron one to another country, we usually call aeromodelling, and others are aeromodeling. That's not problem.

But what you ever know that actually, i don't know what is the really term of aeromodelling . Some people begin to know it, if some times you ask they, maybe if your question is what is aeromodelling?, and maybe they will answer oh...i have ever see some place that there are many people flying some model aircraft.
Actually what wrong with term aeromodelling?
Do you know it..
I juat say that you will say aeromodelling, or aeromodeling, or aromodeling, or what's just fine, as long as wen still fly with our model airplanes with free and fun!



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