The Basic RC atitude you must follow

Here are some basic RC Tips , Dos & Don'ts of Glow Flight=

1. The fuel used in RC engines is Methanol or Methyl Alcohol.
2. The fuel is mixed with raw castor oil in the ratio of 3.5-4 : 1 as lubricant.
3. Ideally the mixture should be made to stand for 3-4 weeks to allow sedimentation of fuel and
then siphoned for use.
4. Tune the carb of the engine by slowly adjusting the air-screw in till u get highest rpm and
then back it out by 2-3 clicks.
5. Ensure that the Rx battery is well charged before flight
6. Do not turn the engine with your hand with the glow charger attached to the plug.
7. Check all controls before EACH flight
8. Avoid flying alone
9. Keep a First Aid Kit handy
10. Its observed that flying more than 3 sorties in a session/day is usually asking for trouble.
Its better to go back with a intact plane



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