Trik dan Tips Pesawat RC

Here are some great rc airplanes tips, especially for your fixed wings rc airplanes model.
Trick 1: at the bottom of the Coca Cola bottle 1 liter packaging, there is the black plastic, cut plastic part and put on the COWL, you will get a dummy radial engine.
Trick 2: When should mark Monocote or other material covering, pake Farber-Castell Uni-ball pen to create lines or marks on the cover. This type of pen can write with ink on plastic and lost if the clear with a cloth.
Trick 3: When cutting monocote or covering, with the cutter we often difficult to make a smooth straight line pattern cutting pattern is drawn, the easiest way to produce a smooth cut is to cut the covering over the pile of newspaper.
Tricks 4 : When installing the CA hinges on aeleron, elevators or rudder, Use a small pin to lock the ca hinges so as not to loose out of place, give a little epoxy to puncture these pins on the hinges mounted ca.
Trick 5 : If you are a beginner, paint with white propeller, propeller will facilitate clearly seen when rotating, so help you alert for propeller unaffected.
Trick 6 : Like to eat noodles? bamboo chopsticks than in waste can be a mixing epoxy and can be a booster for the wing dowel.
Trick 7 : Install tel no and your name in the fuselage, so kalo fall and have not seen, people can find to contact you ..
Trick 8 : Velcro can be used to install a puppet pilot, so it has 1 reply can quickly move on to move from 1 plane to another plane.
Tricks 9 : Old clothes and fabric flowers can be used for lap main bersihin abis plane.
Trick 10 : The aircraft used COWL is good, but if there is a rift in machine vibration due COWL or else it will continue so keretakannya COWL be ugly. In order not reign lela cracks. that tau is a crack, use a drill to make holes at the tip of the crack tip, this will make a crack to stop.
Trick 11 : Experienced propeller nut, spinner, propeller washer and loose? or at the time of going to the engine switched off and then it all? which you would ngabisin lot of time to put up again. Create avoid it really easy way. pairs o ring on the back as the engine, so bad .. kalo engine propeller nut does not come loose causing traffic jam. Make you you who wear wooden propeller, always careful check bolts restraints, because there was a wooden propeller on the wood shrinkage.
Tricks 12 : Want to place instruments on the aircraft cokpit? search pictures instrumentnya in magazines, scissors and glue on the plane.
Trick 13 : Difficult to enter from the nylon bolts? tumpulkan its end, could use pencil shavings, it will make bolts will center the time entered.
Trick 14 : In order clevis not fly off at a little piece of hose fuell and input into the clevis, clevis is aka lock to keep out.
Trick 15 : Kalo kanopy you broken? confused it for a replacement?, looking for aja plastic beverage bottles or anything aja, who know there are similar and can be used as a replacement canopy.
Trick 16 : Many ex-battery recharge? than in the waste, the battery can be united and make electric pump or create energy ignition engine. a reply back pretty ngadat no backup battery.
Trick 17 : When finished flying and going in store for next week. actually existing fuel remaining could cause rusting bearings in within a matter of hours. to avoid this, turn on the engine until the normal temperature, open the spark plugs, input after run oil, turn the engine with the trus starter or hand until kira2 reach into other parts of the oil. be carefull about oil spurted from the spark plug hole.
Trick 18 : CA Cleanup Confused? Use the nail cleaner Kutek, CA Squirt in a position that would be cleaned and wipe the old CA will be lost.
Trick 19 : In the Assembly Sometimes epoxy glue used to make aircraft stained look bad, when we assemble the plane, let the epoxy glue 1 / 2 dry, then covered in cloth with alcohol, glue stained undoubtedly be lost.
Trick 20 : How to Cover the plane still shiny as new? Use of alcohol is mixed with a little soap to clean it, or use the mixture to windscreens wipers used for, can also use a window cleaner. for more shiny anymore, plastic Brush covernya with wax for the car body moles.



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