RC Battery Tips

This is about rc battery.When the battery charge they will be hot temperatures, close to Untouchable.
Voltage when in charge, had approached 10V or even more (6 cells pack).
When in a state of discharge, mAh discharged far less than mAh battery itself.

How to care battery? Hmmm try asking to 5 people, will get 12 different answers hehehehe ..... yg
I personally:
[NiMH cell packs]
Charge at 5 amps max
discharge at 20 to 25 amps max
cut-off at 5.4 volts / .6 per cell
Place on tray equalizer (using brand trinity) until its LED lights off all.
If storage for long time ..
Charge at 3 amps up to 50% capacity

Usually when I'm off to play up to 1 year, every 2 months or so I always cycle battery packs they will be, at least 2 times a cycle at 6 amps, discharge at 30 amps and then the next tray up to 50% charge is then stored.

It is difficult maintenance batteries and very very time consuming. But that is part of our hobby.

The term in the treatment of battery:
IR - Internal Resistant (the term in the discharging state, where the higher the IR means worse battery that best quality).
Average Discharged Volt - is the average volts per cell when the discharge. The bigger, the better.
Discharge Amps - This is the actual (real) amps in the battery. But do not be fooled by the numbers, because the numbers associated with the discharge amps discharge in amps that use.
The greater the lower the discharge amps also milli amps that will be read by the charger.

To check the battery condition, the value of the discharge method is the most accurate.



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