Balsa wood airplanes

balsa wood airplanesBalsa wood in very important matterial if you want to build radio controlled model. Some time maybe we call it balsa wood airplanes...beacuse the balsa wood are often used to build radio controlled airplanes(rc airplanes).Almost all rc model structure are build from balsa wood with some complement matterials, such as carbon fibre matterial and some people call it sandwiched. Why we choose balsa wood to build rc airplane?

As i know that Balsa wood is the lightest wood matterial in the world. The density of dry balsa wood ranges from 100–200 kg/m³, with a typical density of about 140 kg/m³ (about one third the density of other kinds of hard wood). What it would be if we build an rc airplanes model with haeavy matterial?
As we know that the light matterial will make our rc model more light and will be more stable in flight than heavy rc model one. More weight mean it need more power(rc engine) to make it fly.



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