Remote Helicopter - Time to Shopping

remote control apache helicopter imageDo you want to buy remote helicopter?
I think you should consider some thing before you buy remote helicopter. There are the price,easy to maintenance and why you want to fly it. If you have not excessive money and you want to buy remote helicopters, it's will be a matter although the remote helicopter is easy to maintenance, so you should take care about it first. Then if you want to buy remote heli just for fun, i suggest you to buy remote helicopter toy(it's cheaper in price), but if you are seriously flyer, you should expand your wallet to buy the great rc heli model.

Now, where you can find remote helicopter to buy?

Of couse you should go to hobby shop. There are a lot of hobby shop out there that sale for remote heli, such as ebay,com,,,, and many more.

There are two remote helicopter type, the gas remote helicopter and electric remote helicopter. About the price, i think electric remote helicopter is cheaper. It used electric motor(such as brushless electric motor) to produce the power. About the size, it's depend on the electric motor used, there are remote control apache helicopter(mini rc heli). For more informations, you can search though search engine with these keyword :

Colco Apache AH64 Coaxial 4CH RC Remote Helicopter RTF
Esky #12 LAMA-3 V3 Co-Axial Counter-Rotating 4CH Electric
mini rc helicopter
electric rc helicopter
micro remote helicopter
heli max novus cp



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