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Blade mCX micro rc helicopter imageBlade RC Helicopter: Cyber Week Blade mCX RTF for Sale!
This is RTF micro rc helicopter from E-flite. Blade mCX RTF are very stable and high maneuverability.
The Blade mCX comes 100% factory-assembled, flight-tested and ready to fly right out of the box—no assembly or setup required. Included in the box is the Li-Po battery and convenient AA battery-powered DC Li-Po charger, 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology, and 8 AA batteries (4 for the transmitter, 4 for the charger). The DSM2 technology offers freedom from frequency restrictions and allows the Blade mCX rc helicopter to be flown anywhere, anytime indoors with precise 4-channel control.
The Blade® mCX is an ultra micro-sized version of the Blade CX/CX2, offering first-time pilots the ability to learn how to fly with ease and experienced heli pilots the ability to fly anytime, anywhere indoors. The Blade mCX offers unsurpassed stability and incredible control through the coaxial, counter-rotating head design and Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ control. And, thanks to its rotor span of just 7.5 inches and one-ounce flying weight, the Blade mCX can be flown indoors almost anywhere—from an office to a small bedroom or living room.

When it comes to ultra-micro™ heli fun everyone can enjoy, you simply can’t beat the value and performance of the Blade mCX. It’s just another way E-flite is advancing electric flight.

This Blade mCX is very fun to fly ( some even call it funfly), even for your 3 years-old kid. I think the Blade mCX is one of great micro rc helicopter today, so i suggest to to try this micro rc helicopter . If you want to buy the Blade mCX RTF rc model, the price is about $119.99 in amazon.

Blade mCX rc helicopter
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