QuickConnect Voltage Recovery System for DSM2 Air receivers

Performance modelers have known for some time that care must be taken to assure adequate power supplies for their airborne system. It’s true for all radio systems, but it’s doubly important when using high-performance servos, flying harder maneuvers, and trying to save weight with inadequate batteries and/or regulators.

Spektrum systems are designed with an operating threshold of 3.5 volts, and lower voltages cause the system to shut down. When adequate power is regained (usually the drop is momentary), earlier Spektrum systems re-boot and rescan for two previous channels before control is restored - a process usually requiring two to five seconds.

The new QuickConnect feature, however, eliminates the scanning delay and restores control almost instantly. We have been integrating this upgrade into receivers in a running change. Here’s how to identify if your receiver has QuickConnect:

With the system operating normally, simply switch the airborne power off, then on. If your system shows virtually no delay in regaining control, your receiver includes the QuickConnect feature.
Flashing LEDs indicate low voltage alert

QuickConnect allows most flyers to fly through common low-voltage situations caused by insufficient battery "headroom" - in many cases, without knowing a problem ever occurred. As a result, Spektrum engineers decided to program the system so that the receiver LEDs would flash, should the QuickConnect feature be triggered in flight. This can also be demonstrated on the bench, by toggling the airborne power.

If your receiver is missing one or both of these features, first off, it's important to recognize that the vast majority of flyers using "normal" servos with "normal" properly charged batteries will be unaffected by low-voltage issues.

However, if you're using numerous high-performance servos and wish to have your receiver system modified, simply return it to Horizon for free upgrading. Please return your receiver and all remotes, as all components must have the upgraded software for the new features to function. The best fix, however, remains assuring adequate power supply to the airborne system with sufficient voltage headroom.

Your flying success is of paramount importance to Spektrum as the leaders in spread spectrum technology, we're constantly moving the bar upward. Also, whenever you have questions regarding your Spektrum equipment, please feel free to contact our Product Support Team at 877 504-0233. HobbyShopNow



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