CARAFELLE From Graupner

 carafelle, rc airplanes from graupner
This is The Carafelle model from Graupner manufacturer. This is ARF model and made from all-wood construction. Weight approx 2500 g . With the wing panels, tailplane, fin and fuselage pre-covered in multi-colour film. Recommendation Engine is 2 stroke up to 9.0 cm ³ or 4 stroke to 8.56 cm ³
RC functions : Height / page, Nose Landing Gear / cross / Engine
  • Wheels, small items, control surface linkage hardware pack
  • ARTF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly)
  • ARTF version of an aerobatic model from the 1960's (1963)
  • Forms an ideal aerobatic trainer
  • Good-natured flying characteristics


Wingspan approx. 1990 mm
Overall length approx. 1230 mm
Wing area approx. 65 dm²
All-up weight according to fittings approx. 2500 g

I think The rc airplanes spesifications above is good for flying and good stuff for doinf simple aerobatic.



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