Mini Funtana 3D Electric RC Airplanes

mini funtana 3dThe Mini Funtana 3D electric rc airplanes is an extraordinary aerobatic performer. The new Mini Funtana 3D EP ARF from E-flite™ is an extraordinary aerobatic performer designed especially for park flyer pilots who prefer flying electric. It’s tightly constructed from lightweight balsa and plywood. The ARF includes carbon fiber landing gear, fiberglass cowl and wheel pants. It’s the same level of materials and craftsmanship that goes into our Hangar 9 brand, but at a lower price point than competitive products.


* Wingspan:37 in (940mm)
* Overall Length:36 in (915 mm)
* Wing Area:329 sq in (21 sq dm)
* Flying Weight:22 – 25 oz (625 - 710 g)
* Motor Size:Park 400 Brushless, 3700Kv or 4200Kv
* Radio:4 channel
* Servos:4 sub-micro
* Trim Scheme Colors:Ultracote Bright Yellow with Transparent Red
* CG (center of gravity):3-1/8" (80mm) behind leading edge
* Prop Size:12 x 6 (included)
* Hardware Included:Yesmini funtana rc motor
* Speed Control:25 Amp Brushless
* Recommended Battery:11.1V 1800mAh - 2100mAh LiPo
* Control Throw (Ailerons):Low Rate - 1" (25mm) up/down or High Rate - 1-7/8" (48mm) up/down
* Control Throw (Elevator):Low Rate - 3/4" (19mm) up/down or High Rate - 2-5/16" (58mm) up/down
* Control Throw (Rudder):Low Rate - 1-3/4" (95mm) up/down or High Rate - 2-3/4" (95mm) up/down
* Approx. Flying Duration:10-15 minutes
* Approx. Assembly Time:4-6 hours
* Gear Ratio:6.6:1 (66T spur with 10T pinion) gearbox (included)

Needed to Complete
Brushless Motor
Brushless ESC
4+ Ch Radio
4 Sub-micro Servos
Large Servo Arms
Servo Extensions
4+ Ch Receiver
Li-Po Battery
Li-Po Charger

Flying Mini Funtana 3D Electric rc Airplane
If we talk about it's flying ability...the mini funtana 3D has enough power for aflying mini funtana 3d rolling takeoff or a smooth hand-launch. Once in the air, the plane is able to do a full vertical ascent to your desired altitude. The Thunder Power 3-cell, 1320mAh Li-poly battery yields 8 to 10 minutes of power for vertical performance. With the wing in the rearward position, you can do precision aerobatics; move the wings to the forward position, and you have a 3D capable aircraft that can hover and perform harriers, rolling harriers and torque rolls. The Mini Funtana 3D electric rc airplanes is a good all-around aerobatic aircraft that is small enough to fly in a typical schoolyard. If want to buy this rc plane, the price is about $89.99

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