Your Electric RC Airplanes ESC

In this great chance i will try to tell some of my oppinion about our electric rc airplanes esc. The esc is one of main important thing in the electric rc airplanes component. This things handle the battery current in the electric motor. The esc become more fabulous in the world of electric rc airplanes now, many different types of esc are produced. Maybe if you are a beginner, you must know about this thing. Take alook in your electric rc airplanes, maybe you will find a small thing near the electric motors there...yes you should see the esc.
Many beginners ask about this, What is actually ESC in our electric rc airplanes?.. the answer is, the esc stand for Electric Speed Controller or Electronic Speed Control. Actually this is a complex device. In general, ESC is an electronic device to vary the drive motor's speed. This mean that you can control how fast the electric motor run, it's necessary to determine the motor speed when your rc airplanes will take off,making a loop maneuvers or landing. The inappropriate motor speed will make a bad impact to the rc model flying, and the worst things is you rc airplanes will crash. An example is if you will take off, it's need more throttle to speed up your rc airplane model so it will produce enough lift to airborne . It's a stand-alone unit which plugs into the receiver's throttle control channel or incorporated into the receiver itself. This device work by interprets signals form the receiver so it can provide variation in motor speed and direction and may act as a braking mechanism. This device is used in electric rc airplanes that used brushless motor too. Some expert says that the brushless DC esc is more complicated than the brushed motor controllers, but i think this is for manufacturer purpose. For the simple way is just go to hobby shop and give some informations about your electric rc airplanes to the shop keeper to get some advice about the esc should you buy. In the next article maybe i will discussed about how to choosing the right Electronic Speed Control.

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