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It's about rc helicopter model, known as T-Rex RC Helicopters model. The T-Rex rc helicopter is one of the great rc helicopter model out there. It's produced by the Align Corporation. The T-rex rc helicopter is a model family(series) of radio controlled helicopters and especially in electric helicopters. The T-rex rc helicopter model become so popular, i think one of this because the kit is good quality,easy to build, and maybe thats what many experienced rc helicopter pilot recommend to fly this rc helicopter model.

There some T-rex rc helicopter series, there are T-Rex 250,T-Rex 450,T-Rex 500,T-Rex 600,T-Rex 600 Nitro,and T-Rex 700 Nitro. Beside that, there are some T-rex 450 model series such : 450X,450XL HDE,450XL CDE,450SE,450SE ARF,450S,450SE V2, 450SE V3 and 450 Pro, each have some different. T-rex series are come in two type, the electric and Nitro engine. From the series above, only four of them are electric helicopter, there are T-Rex 250,T-Rex 450,T-Rex 500,and T-Rex 600. The Nitro model are T-Rex 600 Nitro,and T-Rex 700 Nitro. In the T-rex 600, it powered 0.50 Engine such as O.S .50. The T-rex 700 Nitro are powered by .90 Engine, it's a kind of big rc engine, so many rc helicopter pilot used the T-rex 700 Nitro as competition rc helicopter.

I think that Align Corporation want to provide a steps in rc helicopter, such in this T-rex series. I think it's a good chance to us(especially the beginners) who want to learn more in flying rc helicopter, beside that there are many rc helicopter forum discussed and even dedicated for your T-rex rc helicopters model.

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