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Some of the product is T-Rex rc helicopter series.
JR Helicopter Division
JR helicopters compliment their radio equipment which shares the same Japanese design and manufacturing quality. Their helicopters are used by many competition winners, both in 3D and FAI circles and the expertise gained by this activity goes straight into their production model kits. Apart form these top-end models, JR also produce a whole range of 30, 50, 60 and 90 class models for beginners and club fliers.
Graupner Heim
Graupner scale helicopter GRP fuselages are moulded in epoxy glass cloth, in a white gel-coat finish, with additional re-enforcements where necessary to give sufficient strength without excess weight. All of the windows, exhaust, retract and other apertures plus any necessary mounting holes are factory cut which reduces both build time and guesswork. In addition, all fuselages are supplied with a complete set of window panels which are factory trimmed and there are many scale option packs and detailed decal sheets available which can enhance the scale finish. Apart from this high level of prefabrication, building is made easier with the inclusion of a full set of illustrated instruction. For builders who wish to set up their motors and mechanics before enclosing them in a scale fuselage, Graupner offers two trainer body-set options with the Uni-Star 60 and the Ultra-Star 2000. Built examples of most of the models in the Graupner/Heim range can be seen in our>>

Century have a range of 30,50, 60 and 90 pod and boom trainer/aerobatic models, along with some of the nicest add-on fuselages available. Most of these fuselages are available in both painted and unpainted format and include a great amount of scale detail. Some of these scale fuselages are also adaptable to other manufacturer’s models, either as a straight drop-in or with very little modification.
Hirobo is a long established and well respected manufacturer of models helicopters. Their range of models starts with the tiny electric indoor Lama, through 30, 50, 60 and 90 pod and boom trainer/aerobatic type models and also includes a fine range of 30, 60-90 and petrol powered scale models. There should be something for everyone in the Hirobo catalogue. Our own shop demonstration models, crosses the range from the 32 powered Shuttle to the beautiful 7th scale Bell 47G with its modified 24cc industrial 2-stroke petrol engine.
Twister Electric Helicopters
The range of electric helicopters which are constantly growing and updating, is aimed at beginners and sport fliers and these Twister models off very good value for money, along with excellent performance for indoor and outdoor fliers. Spare part prices are set at a level that would be difficult to complain about, as are some of the upgrade parts which are now beginning to appear.
Thunder Tiger
Thunder Tiger has a full range of I/C and electric helicopters, along with a growing number of scale add-on fuselages. Models from the Raptor range have become the first choice or recommendation for most club fliers and any Raptor owning novice would be hard pressed to find a club that couldn’t offer first hand experience with one of these popular models.
This company has a range of 30, 50, 60 and 90 models, starting with the Ornith 30 trainer through to the versatile, mighty Nova Cuatro, which can be powered by 90 glow, 23cc petrol or the Wren 2-stage turbine system with David Owens conversion pack. The Turbine Cuatro is probably the most practical pod and boom trainer/aerobatic turbine powered model and it can also be fitted with a range of scale fuselages, for the ultimate R/C helicopter experience.
Electric rc helicopters from Ikarus.
Electric rc helicopters from E-flite.



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