RC Airplanes Kits - Micro Scout

rc airplane kits-mocroscout
This is a micro rc airplanes. Build and Fly the MicroScout Kit - Indoors or Out!
Half ounce Flying Weight! - 12" Wingspan!

•Full Proportional Radio Control of Rudder, Elevator and Throttle!

•Fly Fast or Slow - Do loops and other aerobatic maneuvers

•Full Proportional radio control enables you to fly with precision in a Gym or in your Front Yard.

•Fly in any area the size of a classroom

•EASY to build for kids ages 12 - 112 years old.
See the video instructions here.

•Just add 4-AA batteries to the combination transmitter/charger and you'll be ready for action anytime.

•The Microscout is great for beginner pilots - Learn on the R/C Flight Simulator that comes with the Deluxe Starter Set #1 - Based on Gordon Johnson's Quick Junior Design, this model is a great first airplane to get into Micro R/C. They Fly Better when YOU build em!

Order today and learn the fun of building and flying the smallest Micro R/C models.
Easy Assembly Kit Includes:
• MicroScout Wirecut Wing
• Control Horns
• Z bends and Figure 4's
• Carbon Fiber Control Rods
• Carbon Fiber Fuselage
• Landing gear and Wheels

To Complete the models you'll also need the Deluxe Starter Set #1 which includes:

HFX900 Transmitter
• 4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
• 3 User Selectable frequencies
• Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger
• Connects to FMS Flight Simulator!
• 900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU
• FCC and CE Approved!
• Requires 4 AA cells

Micro9 0.9g 3CH Receiver
• Fully Proportional Control of 2 actuators and 1 motor
•Plug And Play - EASY SETUP!

2 LP90 Lithium Polymer Bahoma Cells
• Patent Pending magnetic connector
• Recharges right on the transmitter

2 MiniAct (1.1g) Actuators
•Fully Proportional magnetic actuators that do the job of a traditional servo

GB03 or GB04 Gearbox

100 X 80 Propeller

FMS computer interface cable and CDROM w/Freeware FMS R/C Simulator • Plugs into your transmitter and computer so you can learn to fly on the simulator before you smash your plane to bits! Included FREE with the set so you can learn to fly R/C the Plantraco Way!

Instructional Video and Manual
• Video Instructions show you visually how to put this together in less than 1 hour for sure, it's the best way to learn cool building techniques. Once you see how it's done, you'll be sure to succeed!

The price is about $16.99 in

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