Parkflyer Seaplane

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The Polaris Seaplane can be flown whether on water or grass, i think this is one of great radio controlled airplanes.
This model, conceived by noted designer Steve Shumate, is a parkflyer adaptation of Laddie Mikulasko's beautiful North Star seaplane. It features simple sheet foam construction and excellent handling qualities, both in the air and on the water. In flight, this model is smooth, majestic, and stable, yet also very aerobatic.

The Polaris tracks straight as an arrow and takes off and lands effortlessly on water, grass, or even snow! But one of the best things about this model is the amazing speed range—with the recommended power setup the top speed approaches 70 mph, yet the model slows down well and can plop down into the water at high alpha under full control at less than 10 mph. This allows the model to be flown in very tight spaces if desired, or if you have a bigger flying site you can open it up and enjoy the speed. It handles wind and waves remarkably well, too. Touch and goes off water or grass are effortless, and will put a great big smile on your face every time!

Recommendations : The 2212-6 motor will offer the best performance, and is great if you have a lot of larger packs in the 2100 range. But we really like the 2212-10 running on a good 1300 or 1320 pack. We recommend cooling vents since the ESC is fully enclosed.

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