4CH RC Helicopter

4CH RC Helicopter mean 4 channel rc helicopter. To make the 4ch rc helicopter fly you need to control 4 different control surface. The 4 CH rc helicopters model have full movement controll: forward, backward, left, right, up and down.

4CH RC Helicopters For Sale

Here are some of the 4ch rc helicopters for sale list:

honey bee 4 ch rc helicopter image

  1. Honey Bee 4CH RC Helicopter. Honey bee rd helicopter is one of the best rc helicopter for beginner.

    falcon 40 4 ch rc helicopter image

  2. Falcon 40 Radio Control Helicopter. Falcon 40 has been optimized for performance. It is very responsive and very quick to follow inputs from the pilot. It can fly 10 - 15 minutes each charge. Falcon RC Helicopter is one of a great helicopter very well designed and very enjoyable.

    apache 4ch rc helicopter image

  3. Apache 4 CH RC Helicopter. This 4 CH Apache RC Helicopter, gives you full function remote controlled forward, backward, up, down, left and right. The apache rc heli can flies over 30 meters high.
  4. walkera 4ch rc helicopter image
  5. Walkera # 76C 4CH RC Helicopter. Have you try walkera 4ch rc helicopter? should try this one.

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