Micro-Bladez 3D Apache Mini RC Helicopter Review

Mini RC Helicopter imagesThis article is about Micro-Bladez 3D Mini RC Helicopter Review. Do you ever fly mini rc helicopter?, mini rc helicopter is easy and fun to fly. Some people say that this mini rc helicopter can takes flying fun to another level. The Micro-Bladez 3D is one of best mini rc helicopter now. The Micro-Bladez 3D Mini RC Helicopter have good rate too in some of hobby shop. The Micro-Bladez 3D have fantastic stabilty, even you can hover it in front of your face.
The Micro-Bladez 3D Mini RC Helicopter have some good feature such as: Energy Saving Power Cut-Off( this will more save and Long Battery Life your battery),Intelligent R/C System,Three Channel Control, Auto-balance System, Full Scale Remote Control, 360° Precise Directional Movement and Smooth Hovering Performance.

Just like Micro-Bladez 3D, the Apache benefits from three-channel control and a sophisticated auto-balance system and adjustable speed control for the most advanced mini-RC flight experience available. Unlike the previous generation of two channel mini rc helicopter, the Micro-Bladez 3D mini rc helicopter three-channel system means that the Apache can be flown under complete control, and piloted forwards and backwards, as well as up and down and left and right.

Length 170mm
Width 30mm
Height 85mm
Main Rotor 130mm
Tail Rotor 30mm
Li-Poly 3.7V 65mAh Battery

If you want to buy the Micro-Bladez mini rc helicopter, you will see some these stuff in the box :
Bladez 3D Helicopter,Controller, User Manual, Charging Unit, FREE Spare Tail Rotor Batteries, Built-in 7.4V Lithium-ion Polymer Battery (inc.) and Handset requires 4AA Batteries (not inc.). The Controller still requires 6x AAA batteries and you can recharges this mini rc helicopter from the controller and has an internal battery. Hope the Micro-Bladez 3D Mini RC Helicopter Review above will help.



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