Mini RC Helicopter Christmas Gifts

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I think buy mini rc helicopter for your christmas gifts is great. Many people like flying mini rc helicopter, especially for kids. A simple model is the best answer, you can pack it in small wrap and make it as you christmas gift. mini rc helicopter is the simple model in rc helicopter. Mini RC helicopters are no more that expensive so you can still immerse yourself in incredible addiction of mini rc helicopter flying in open surroundings in the range of 100m.
Mini RC Helicopter were expensive? This mini RC Helicopter is incredibly addictive, and also amazingly easy to control. This great mini rc helicopter has a range of over 100m and is built ready to go, so all you have to do is take out the box. The helicopter is fully functional with left and right movements and a handy hover fucntion to practice your flying tricks!

* Two Motor Helicopter with NiMH battery and Protection system
* Up, down, left, right and hover fucntions
* 100m range
* Flies at over 30m high
* Battery is a 650mAHh 7.2v uprated battery
* Two Channel Radio Control.
* Flying time - About 10-12 minutes
* Please note: Operation of the helicopter is not suitable for children.
* For ages 14 and over
* Powerful motors perfect for outdoor use
* All contents are included to be operational in no time.
* Motor FK-180SH
* Length: 460mm
* Width: 180mm
* Height: 138mm
* Battery: Ni-Mh 7.2v 300mAh
* Main Rotor Size: 372mm
* Tail Rotor Size: 116mm
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