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Looking for Rc helicopter Price List?

Good deals mean good price(find best rc helicopter price list). I collect some mini rc helicopter price list around. Actually i found many mini rc helicopter price list over the internet. If you want to buy mini rc helicopter, this article can be your first consideration before you buy the mini rc helicopter, such as the price estimates. I wrote some of the mini rc helicopter price list in this article, so keep read on.
  • DragonFly King Mini RC Helicopter imagesDragonFly King RTF 3CH Mini RC Helicopter : This rc helicopter has altitude, rotor speed control and a flight stabilizing system. In addition to that when you combine 2 motors with a super lightweight design and 3 channels of movement, you are sure to have a great flying experience. The Mini DragonFly King comes fully loaded and Ready-to-Fly (RTF). It includes a rechargeable battery pack, & AC adapter charger. Estimate price : $34.99

  • DragonFly Prince Mini RC Helicopter imagesMini RC Helicopter Dragonfly Prince : This mini rc helicopter has some feature such as Remote control features a throttle stick, directional stick, and trim control, Mini helicopter operates off of a 3-channel IR system, so 3 different helicopters can be flown in the same area, Auto balancing system makes helicopter easy to operate, Includes helicopter, controller, charger, spare tail propeller, and 9V battery and Super wide IR control system controls helicopter from all angles while reducing battery consumption. Estimates price : $9.90

  • Walkera Mini RC Helicopter imagesWalkera Mini RC Helicopter : This mini rc helicopter has only 185mm in overall length with 3g in servo weight with 4-ch telecontroller and marked electricity indication function, you can avoid the crash caused by lack of telecontroller electricity and let you fly at ease.The walkera mini rc helicopter equipped with compact 90 degree swashhplate structure, the servo and other parts are easy to install. The circuitry is integrated with Receiver, ESC, Gyro and Mix with high sensitivity in receiving and strong interference immunity. The walkera mini rc helicopter offer some this great feature: One cell Lipo at 3.7V 400mAh offers 8- to 10-minute flight after fully charged and 4 channel transmitter with visible power indicator can avoid helicopter losing control due to the shortage of battery power, and support you to fly without any worry. Estimates price :$59.49
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