RC Heli Blade Tracking Video

RC Heli blade tracking is when one rotor blade rotates in a circular motion and the following blade follows exactly behind it. Find how to rc helicopter blade tracking - rc heli blade tracking in this article.

Both rotor rc helicopter blades spin on the same plane without one blade being higher or lower than the blade it's following. Another way to look at it is that both blades travel through the same airspace created by their spinning. You can get unwanted vibrations in your RC helicopter If the rear blade is following the front blade on a higher or lower plane.

RC Heli Blade Tracking Made Easy

In this video tutorial I introduce a new and very easy to use method to do a quick RC heli blade tracking. Enjoy and dont forget to Comment.

Setting flybar paddles and blade tracking

Just another how to on blade tracking and flybar paddles

How to do RC Heli Blade Tracking

There are many RC Heli blade tracking videos. Finally here is my version of this RC Heli blade tracking tutorial. Enjoy.

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