EXI Carbon Fiber 450 ARF Editon RC Helicopter KIT

EXI Carbon Fiber 450 ARF ImagesThe EXI Carbon Fiber 450 ARF Editon RC Helicopter KIT of belt version price is about $57. This is a great EXI for your rc helicopter especially who want to get a great quality and performance. This EXI carbon fibre 450 is 95% pre-assembled but just have it flying in a few hours. Detailed about EXI Carbon Fiber 450 ARF Editon RC Helicopter KIT below:

There are some great material uses in this EXI rc helicopter such as aluminium tail boom, carbon fiber frame and Fiber Glass Main Blade for strength and light weight, aluminum tail, and updated Aluminum Rotor Heads.
  • Newly designed head block with high rigidity and stability.
  • New CNC Carbon Fiber frame, improve the rigidity and perfect for 3D flying.
  • Single piece integrated design of main bearing block and servo mount.
  • Single piece integrated design of anti-rotation guide and gyro mount.
  • Highly stable flybar control system.
  • Fiber Glass Main Blade
  • High precision bearing mixing arms.
  • Newly designed high resolution swashplate.
  • Single piece battery mount with integrated canopy mount designed to bring CG closer to disk plane.
  • Highly rigid frame with single piece carbon side and bottom plates.
  • Highly efficient Belt driven tail design.
  • Weighted tail rotor blade grips to repel centripetal forces.
  • Straight-up in-frame rudder servo mount for improved geometry.
  • Newly designed high strength main blade grips.
  • Rigid CNC aluminum rotor head for precision and smooth movements.
  • Tail rotor hub made of stainless steel, very rigid.
  • Use 35pcs precision bearing.
  • Great stable and sensitive mixing lever design! Can display the great stability and precision for 3D flight.
  • Special adjustable pitch system, hold rotation system, tail rotor Belt driven system! It is a work of great originality for helicopter!
  • Using new CNC Metal Main rotor holder with thrust bearing and 4mm Feathering shaft, features smooth rotation and stability under high rotation speed.
  • Tail rotor control set with dual bearing, features CNC control piece and smooth structure design, get smooth pitch travel.
  • Providing flybar weight- When normal flying, you can add the weights on flybar paddles for stable flight.
  • When aerobatic flying, you don't need to add the weight, but you can see the flexibility of 3D actions.
  • CNC tail pulley assembly and tail holder are using high rigid aluminum alloy, features wear resistant and falling resistance.
  • Using new high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on the whole unit, feature wear resistance, anti-oxidization.
  • Length: 635mm
  • Height: 230mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 710mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 158mm
  • Motor Drive Gear: 13T
  • Main Drive Gear: 150T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
  • Tail Drive Gear: 25T
  • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:11.5:4.24
  • Weight (w/o power system): 460g
  • Flying Weight: Approx. 790g (may vary with other electronics)

EXI 450 PRO Plastic Version Kit Set X1 set

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
1.Transmitter(6-channel or more, helicopter system)
2.Receiver(6-channel or more)
3.Pitch gaugeX1
4.11.1V 3S Li-Po 2000~2200mAh batteryX1
Gyro /Tail Servo
(3) Cyclic servos
Speed Control ESC
Brushless Motor

EXI 450 rc helicopter kit is a great product , especially if you like flying 450 rc helicopter. What do you think, just buy it one!

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